Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Road of Recovery

A good friend of mine was telling me...i'm on the road of recovery. I just agreed although there were so many other thoughts running through my brain as the the therapist was preparing the traction machine to pull my neck.

Looking back 13 days ago, I was told that I had a slipped disc between C5/C6 and C6/C7, The MRI scan proved that although I have no idea as film looked the same to me black and white. Why cant we have the image in color so it would be clear to a not medical educated person likes me. Anyway, I trust the doctor. All I need is to start breaking away from the denial zone. All the symptoms are there numbness, pain on both the hands and legs, pain radiated from the back of neck radiating to both shoulders, restricted head movement especially to the right, difficult to sleep as no position seems to be the right one.

So the doc prescribed me drugs to relax the muscle and eased the pain and was asked to go for phsysiotherapy which would help to strenghten the muscle. The theraphy is daily where tehy put hot towel, pad me to the machine for 20 minutes whch could actually lifted your arms by itself. THen another 12 minutes of neck traction which means it literally pull your neck with some load hoefully the disc can move back to the original position and That makes me realized how powerful our nerves are and with the right amount of electrons it could help you to move your arms , legs etc. That was the routine for 7 days doing therapy for 1 hour and resting at home

On the second visit, I was upbeat as the pain has reduced significantly and I could turn to the right with no pain. The only complaints to the doc was I could not sleep and the numbness and pain is unberable. THe pain and numbness and the pain will take sometimes to go off. As long as the pain on the neck and shoulder has subdued then it is fine. So the doc reduced the dosage of the same drug and gave some sleeping pills and the therapy is on as usual.

3rd visit, the pain came back. The doc was surprised, with therapy and medication after 10 days it should have been improving greatly. He was pondering for a good 2 minutes and then asked if I am stressed out or not. Normal stress I told him, work, life, family and the loss of 25% of the manhood that takes somtimes for me to comprehend. Then he was lecturing about stress. He said not to worry, worry only on small things, bigger things let God takes care of it. Hahaha, point noted doc. He prescribed me stronger drug both for day and night and could make you stone. I said good then I could go on the other side and be in touch with my subconcious mind. I am on day 2 on the new drugs, and I think it has gone from bad to worse. The pain around the neck and shoulder is getting worse. THe sleeping pill did not help. The mind is so bogged down with so many things.

THe message from this, there are so many signals that I have ignored and I am paying the price now. If I were to seriously consider this problem a year and a half ago, most likely I will not be in this kind of pain but it is useless to look back those time that has past. What matters is now not even future.

For you, try to decipher the signals that are radiated everyday and be clever enough to act based on the signal. God sends signals in many ways and you will learn. Signals is to help you in search of love, life, happiness, health, wealth. I will try my best to help you out so you dont repeat the mistakes that I did. Trust me, I have made many mistakes and continue to make mistakes in my road to recovery.

Friday, March 02, 2012

Khamis Malam

Si warak mula melucah